JIANGHAI NON-WOVEN FABRIC CO.,LTD. established in 1982,which located in the YANGTZE DELTA where economy is highly developed in China.
It takes two hours from SHANGHAI to our factory.JIANGHAI covers 150,000SQMS of land and 80,000SQMS for facrory building.We has more than 1000 employees and 100 million RMB of net assets.
  JIANGHAI includes five products series:nonwovens,polyester fibre,flex banner,PVC flooring and waterproofing materials.The products are tested for the needs of each industry.Within the initial period of several years,we had gained an excellent reputation in quality and service hence,strengthened its position in local and international markets. Our R&D team,continuously strive to improve existing products and suggest suitable alternatives.This reflects in the vast client base JIANGHAI has developed in a short period of time both in the local and the international markets.